Happy Valentines Day


Another V-Day is upon us, usually I have a lot to bitch about on this day, but this year is a little different.

As per tradition, I am single on V-Day.  But I am usually single all year round, so what’s the big deal?  It’s how I roll, and I can’t deny its very cool in it’s own right. 

Question:  What’s worse than bitching about being single on Valentines Day?

Evaluating your self worth for being single on Valentines Day, thus whipping yourself into desperation and finding any date you can.   Cmon, we all know someone like this.  Usually, it’s a former interest. He/She starts calling the week before V-Day, casually mentions it a few times, “Oh yeah, isn’t Valentines Day next week or something?”   Say it with me:  Check, Please!   Then it progresses:  “I guess you already have plans, huh?” 

FACT:  I’d rather be single than sitting across from some weak dude, conducting awkward conversation and wondering why I thought this was necessary. 

Moving on…

My most uncomfortable Valentine’s Days were when I did have a boyfriend or something but I didnt really want one.  Being single on VDAY is a lot nicer than the obligation of exchanging corny pink hearts and cards with someone you don’t 100% want to.  OMG.  Awkward. 

And not to be sappy, but my friends make me genuinly happy, they are my valentines every day.   So Happy VDAY to you, the ones who are finally happy in love, and especially my fellow single darlings.  Do not be afraid.  There are countless more VDAYS for years to come.  And when the day comes when you are with your TRUE love, you won’t care about the VDAYS you spent alone, or the ones you just wouldnt fake.


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