“Religion” by Mary Beth


Religion is often practiced while segregated into groups; churches, youth groups, bible study, Sunday school.  

It is in these settings I find religion to be the most mis-understood and it’s true meaning is lost in attendance records, donation lists, group activities and outings.  This is also where things get screwy.   There’s always those involved in religious groups for all the wrong reasons.  They want power, control, or money.  

I have met lost souls who grasp at religion in a last-ditch effort to vindicate their behavior.  How many prisoners turn to the church?   Drug addicts?   Some are genuine; some never confronted themselves and still don’t ‘get it.’   Instead, they’ll recite verses from the bible, VERBATIM. 

I’ve witness true evil parading around behind a religious façade.   He’d rob you blind, but before walking out the door he’d extend a sincere  “god bless you.”   NO, God Bless YOU, cause when you finally check out of planet earth, you got some splainin’ to doooooo…


The great thing about believing in a higher power, is it’s an individual choice.  No one else has to believe what you do, it’s all what gets you through the day.


I believe God is misunderstood:


God doesn’t knock on your door at 7am on a Saturday carrying propaganda.

God doesn’t scare you into joining the church of this or that.

God doesn’t drive you to Sunday school.

God doesn’t ask you for money.




Religious groups are …like a pill.   They can help you, amaze you, blur your vision, put you to sleep, addict you.   If you’re spending all your money on this pill, what are you really buying anyway?  

The reasons behind why you’re swallowing it—is the true question.

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  1. Xlloe says:

    Point taken lol.I do agree… that there are religious nuts out there. I think organized religion can have its perks. It’s like going to a cooking class where everyone there wants to learn about cooking. You can meet people that share your interests. As long as I’m not being forced to go … and no one is throwing rocks at my home because I’m not attending… I’ve got no problem with that. What’s your take on people who say “I’ve found Jesus..” or “I got to know Jesus” ? .. because I never understand this concept and it gives me a headache attempting to comprehend. Oh… and I also think we could just as easily use a collection of fairy tales and use them as a religion of sorts. I think religion is only meant to teach morals… not history.

  2. Marybken says:

    Thats a good question Sugar….
    For me, it seems like they’re overcompensating for something, and i always get a wierd feeling when I hear those words.

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