Only for you sexy people….



I fell asleep listening to Nick Cave & the Badseeds last night, it was awesome. 

So party people, what’s th dealio for this weekend?   My schedule’s pretty packed.  It’s not easy being a student/socialite/organized person all at once.

This week was pretty dang cool.  I took the trash out, financially speaking.  And that trash was none other than BANK OF AMERICA, so glad to get them out of my hair.  I have plenty of experience with mis-managing my money, and I can honestly say they are the worst of the worst when it comes to credit cards; if you dont believe me, talk to half my friends or my sister.  They suck big time, and we’re all just aiming to get rich or die tryin right?

But anyways, lots of things happening in MaryBethLand. 

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