Now there’s some great networking advice.  So much can happen during a friendly meal. 

Over the past weeks, I’ve spent many a lunch/dinner/breakfast with friends and co-workers.  Lunch in DC with Morelli, dinner in DC with Julie, dinner in Annapolis with Connie, tons of Falls Church lunchtime fine dining w/ Jesi, dinner at a dive southern Maryland bar with old friends from highschool, Sunday brunch in Centreville with my band, and several dinners & lunches at beachfront restaraunts.

pancaketrueloveSunday Brunch (heart & sparrow)

spring forward 051  Brunch.

And bringing us to today:  “The Finer Things” Club met for lunch here at work. 

 If you watch The Office, you probably know what this club is, but if you don’t, it’s basically a few friends at work eating lunch together and talking about the arts and other high-class conversation peices.   No plasticwear is allowed; a tablecloth, proper silverwear, real plates, dishes, and glasses, and cloth napkins are all essential elements for lunch with the Finer Things Club.   It was something I’d like to do again. that’s what she said.

ftc_collage[2] what started it all….

finer things club 003finer things club 002 a conference room no more

finer things club 007finer things club 006Snobbery & english literature

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Did I ever tell you that you were my hero?xo

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