I’m back


Well, it’s been a crazy month but there’s a lot more craziness about to come.   My dear friend Amy G turned 30 yesterday.  She felt wierd about the big 3-0, but I’m sure I’ll feel the same way when it’s my time.  However, there’s good things about 30.  Women look better in their 30s.  Sexytime is better too, supposedly.  The thirties are calmer than the 20s.  The 20s are all about screwing up and trying to figure out what path to take, who to marry or not marry, what job, etc.  The 30s are all about riding the wave.

Last night I saw my mentor Victoria, and we talked of many things over two hours, it was just what I needed and I left a new woman. 

Dammit, I make some questionable choices when it comes to men, but my female friends are the kryptonite.  They are solid. 

And then we have the end of massage school.  It’s been a long year.  I started on March 30th.  I’ll graduate in May or somewhere around then.  Have a LOT of hours to make up and clinics to give. 

Throw me the keys, and hand me a Rockstar (the drink), cause it’s crunch time from here on out.

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