Update: My life


I’m sure everyone out there is thinking “i need to know what’s going on with MB lately.”  Well, you didn’t even need to ask.  

I need a creative outlet right now, because for the past several hours and days, I have been cramming my mind with information that isn’t particularly fun or interesting.  And it’s not going to get any prettier, at least until after this weekend when I can relax a bit. 

I’m exausted.   But I’m happy to be doing something that is gonna pay off.   So this blog isnt really a complaint, so much as it is a stream of conciousness briefing.  

Last night, Jesi and I took the leg muscle test.  I’ll tell you this:  the Rectus Femoris is the largest QUAD muscle.  It extends at the knee and flexes the hip.  The Vastus Intermedius muscle cannot be palpated.   There’s a muscle on the lateral side of the leg called “Tensor Fascae Latae” that connects to the Iliactic (sp?) band, which is next to the knee.  This stabalizes the hip and braces the knee.  A pain the groin area is caused by a strain to the Pectinus muscle.  (study tip:  PECTINUS=penis=groin) 

This coming weekend we have 2 tests, on systems we all use everyday:  the urinary system, and the digestive system.  The digestive system–you’re stepping into a whole new world.  There’s sphincters, large & small intestines, the liver, anal canal, catalysts, cecum,….. I could go on and on!!!!  My favorite part is the “colon proper.”  Because anything with “proper” attached to it must be cool.  This system is a son of a bitch. 

The urinary system is not as bad.  Complex-yes.  But still, nothing compared to digestive.  FACT:  96% of urine is WATER!  ( I guess this makes the idea of golden showers not AS disgusting, still it’s wierd IMO)  The other 4%?  Dissolved wastes.  The scientific term for urination is “Micturition.” 

Somedays I go home and listen to death metal just to clear my head. 

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  1. dcteddybear says:

    what is this?? all this discussion of leg muscles and leaving out the poor neglected gastrocnemius!! not a single, solitary mention anywhere….*sigh*

    lol but on a serious note I know you’ll pull it together in the fabulous way that only you can pull off…I have faith in the way of MB 🙂

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