It’s been a while since I last blogged.  (BTW.  I find the word “blog” annoying, but don’t have much choice in the matter.)  

blog blog blog

A few facts?

1.  It’s Monday

2.  It’s raining

3.  I have an oral fixation.   I need to research this.  Because it’s driving me crazy.  If there’s not something in my mouth, my jaw starts going.  I’m sure this has ‘tipped off’ a person here or there that I have a drug problem.  This, quite simply, is untrue.   The cigarettes?  The sunflower seeds? The gum? The constant (non-alcoholic) beverage in reach?  Oral fixation.  Now that I’ve quit smoking, I have these trusty “Commit” lozenges at my desk, in addition to sunflower seeds.  It’s a bit ridiculous.  This is not good.  I mean, I think I’ll always want to smoke or what have you if my mouth is always acting this way. 

4.  Pollen sucks!   My headaches, sniffles, etc.  And absolute exaustion!  People tell me “it’s the pollen.”  So this morning, Morelli told me he’s been in a bad mood the past few weeks and thats why he hasnt been in contact with anyone.  It’s probably his Bipolar disorder acting up, but I told him it was the pollen. 

5.  My social anxiety meter was off the roof this past weekend.  Probably the pollen.  One things for sure, I have to work out.  So it’s a good thing i’ve quit smoking.

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