You get a 2 for being so ugly on the inside

Earlier this week, I exchanged words with a mediocre blogger on Myspace.  The problem, was this guy got too big for his britches after he collected a few subscriptions, tried to be the next Tucker Max, and is currently losing steam for it. 

I ditched this guy’s blog after reading his latest delusional peice about a rating system called “the Numbers Scale.”   Xanganians!!  ..You guys know this one.   Think…think back….to 11th grade or so…those usually unattractive guys who for some ungodly reason were deemed ‘popular,’ who felt so comfortable with themselves that they rated others by a number. 

This particular blogger, is a 29 year old man who insists men still use the number scale to rate women.  

Is this true, gentlemen?    Do you whisper numerical nothings amongst yourselves to describe women? 

We all know a douchebag here or there who says things like “Aw, shit, look what just walked in, She’s a 10.”   But I had no clue that MOST men use numbers to rate a woman or her desirability.  And I don’t really believe that, so now I’m asking YOU.



YOU and all your lovely imperfections.

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  1. PPhilip says:

    I saw a guy on the bus the otherday with the year 1939 across his fingers like the love tatoo above. He also had other numbers tatooed and I thought he was a concentration camp person….Thus some folks don’t like tatoos….I think also in the “bad’ category is women discussing topics that are on the soap opera. It takes only a short hop into slipping into the gossip category.Why do some guys give numbers for beauty or desireability? It isn’t that they will treat a 10 better or try to meet them. Maybe it is to prove they aren’t gay or something like that?What purpose is a leg, breast or (rear end) judgements? The leg means she can run faster? Or maybe they sell cellulite creams or something like that? And the breast thing is only if they get intimate with a woman. Would a man be turned off if the breast was enhanced and not real?Anyway I suppose we both feel better saying those that judge people by the numbers are not normal. They are part of a system that judges the outward appearance instead of the inner beauty….

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