Deferred success


I don’t claim to know everything.  I’m useless when it comes to in-depth instructionals on Information Technology.  IT class sucked almost as much as Algebra….almost. ….. few things are more painful than algebra.   Improving my memorization of the words for acronyms is at a stand still;  the ability to handle more than 2 steps of driving instructions at a time is another deferred success. 

The clock in my bedroom has been blinking 3:31 since the 10 seconds we lost power on Saturday.  

I don’t get into the conversion logistics of ounces=cups=yards and so forth.   Measurements are probably one of the simpler things to memorize in life.  But sacrificing a half hour to centimeters is asking a lot.   Question: should we feel obligated to learn things the mind naturally rejects?   8*3x(21[21-2]/ 3a)-(9/3)=   blah blah blah kill me. 

There you go.  Just a few things I do not know, don’t do very well, or not at all.   

The old saying about experience being the best teacher?   Well, I failed algebra 3 times.  I learned a lot those years.   Now…. two items I do KNOW:

1.  “Divine Intervention”
Simply, when one person cancels out another person.   The ‘big’ shrinks to ‘little.’  …  A truly nice experience erases one which was..not so much.     This cleansing of the  stagnant blahs worn like hand-me-down underwear ….is instantaneous.

2.  “The 5 Year Float.”
There is nothing more glorious than the aura of valium in the air when a supervisor  approaches retirement.    My most pleasant memories of office life were during a time when the head honcho had the “don’t give a shit” switch enabled while he/she finished out their time.   Ah, the freedom of knowing there is nothing to lose.

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  1. Marybken says:

    Btw: You ever get the feeling like others know something you don’t?

    I feel like this all the time

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