An ‘A’ for You


Remember that teacher who started the year by addressing the class with “everyone here starts out with an A” ?     I always loved hearing that sentence; instead of thinking I had an upward battle ahead,  I felt as though academic excellence was already on my side.

It is easy to sabotage ourselves by focusing on the possible struggle instead of what we really want out of a situation.  Then, everything looks harder than it really is. 

Looking at something as maintaining what we already have, or have every right to have, changes everything.  Such a small tweak of a subliminal thought makes an astounding difference.    Every positive thing can be grasped just as simply as it can be let go.   Well, perhaps it is easier, at first, to think “The world is too much to have” rather than “The world is mine, to lose.” 

Obstacles=an illusion

Is it really as simple as refusing to accept the obstacles?                                                                                                                       Instead of “i’m screwed.  and fat,” how about “My spirit is perfect, my body is perfect.”

Check it out:   It’s already there, everything is already yours, it’s the execution of attaining these specific goals that can feel disorienting.  So keep your A, and don’t let life’s bullies,  unfit teachers, or especially yourself throw it all down the commode.

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  1. dollface_79 says:

    Every morning I wake up and tell myself that I am perfect…then I squeeze the zit that’s erupted on my chin.  I revise my first statement, I am perfect once I put on make-up, thank you god for Clinique! 🙂

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