“People say smoking is a choice. but if you’re addicted, doesnt that rule out choice?


I know the people over at TRUTH.Com aren’t smoking cigarettes, but apparently a few tokes of crack before hitting Xanga isn’t out of the question.

Smoking IS a choice.  Drinking beer is a choice.  Eating Sour Patch Kids is a choice.  Having sexual relations is a choice.  Playing the slots is a choice.  All of these things are also potentially addictive.   Alcohol, junk food, sex, gambling.   And smoking.  The first cigarette is a CHOICE.   If you keep smoking cigarettes & become addicted, (which you will – make no mistake, ) you also have the choice to STOP.  Just like everything else.  Yeah ciggs are tough to quit, but it’s just as tough for some people to quit other addictive things — alcohol, sex, gambling, (Sour Patch Kids).        I just answered this Featured Question, you can answer it too!

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  1. OldDogSparky says:

    Join Anti-Truth blogring to organize protest against Truth Featured Questions.

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