Part 1


Dear Mary Beth,

I’ve been reading your blog for 3 years now, thanks for the entertainment.  I noticed the disappearance of a reoccurring ‘character’ in your stories — whatever happened to “Morelli?”   

signed,    Wondering


How observant!  Morelli has ceased existence on my blog, because he reached his expiration date in my ‘real’ life.  As nice as it was to feel extremely ‘familiar’ with someone of the opposite sex, the unneccessary drama of which Morelli was so fond, lost its allure with me.  Life is dramatic enough as it is, and like my grandmother told me, “don’t run your road rough early.”  And to be honest, the end… I’m not so sure if the squeeze was worth the juice. 

Thanks for reading! – MB

When did you begin (creative) writing?  –Josh in Atlanta

I started writing for pleasure from the moment I learned how to write.  In elementary school, a few of my poems were published in the school paper. I often submitted my poems to contests.   In highschool I took journalism.  But throughout school, I signed up for creative writing as much as possible, it’s an easy A, and oh so much better than home ec or god forbid, algebra. 

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