I got a new iphone, and let’s just say there are lots of numbers from my old phone I didnt re-enter into it.  The SIM card from my old phone wouldnt work w/ the Iphone, so I did what I could w/ putting numbers back.    A few of those numbers and names, I dont mind not seeing anymore, and we didn’t do much talkin anyway….    It’s like a new beginning.

Summer is almost over, wtf.  However, I’m going to put a little bit of summer love into late fall.   I didn’t get a trip to Vegas this summer, so what better time than when the east coast is dark and blue?   Something to look forward to.  I miss my friend Trixy and it will be so nice to be out there again.   Maybe, I’ll even stay.

This past weekend I went tubing.

tubingIt was fun. 

 How do you like those pink watershoes of mine?  

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