Geez the questions keep flooding in!  

This week’s installment of   ” DEAR MB ”  :

♠  Hey MB, greetings from Barrington, RI.  I have a question for you:   what is your idea of a perfect day?  –Loretta W.

 Wake up around 8, look out at the mountains.  Make myself beautiful , maybe lounge around and drink coffee.  Leave my room and head downstairs, walk over to a few neighboring casinos.  Breakfast:  Eggs Benedict.   Play a few slots, check my bank account and see I have plenty of mad money.  Noon-vodka and cranberry time.  Drink, play more slots.  Go out to the pool, consume a tropical beverage, lay in the sun.  Go back inside, play more slots.  Meet a cool guy and talk to him for several hours, if i’m not getting serial killer vibes maybe take it to the next level.  Afternoon oyster shooters, I win $1,000 in the slot machine, how awesome.  A burger from House of Blues for a late dinner, more slots and alcohol.  Watch the sun set behind the gorgeous mountains, and take in the city of lights.  

♠  I read your blogs alot, you seem to really enjoy writing, but what writers do you enjoy reading? –Marc, Tokyo

My favorite authors are Janet Evanovich, Henry Rollins, and Charles Bukowski (who I just discovered this year thanks to my pal DaveHead Jes).   I love books in general though–especially social/communication/self help/poetry genres.

♠  MB, I need some advice!  Well I’ve been dating the same guy for 4 years now.  It’s a healthy relationship, he treats me with respect and has all the qualities of a keeper.  However when it comes to the subject of marriage, I feel panicky.  I can’t help but to think something is ‘missing’ even though he’s so perfect.  I’m going crazy.  What do you think? –Sorta Undecided, New Mexico

Dear Sorta Undecided,

You’re not crazy.   Just because something is ‘healthy,’ doesn’t mean it’s ‘filling.’  Wait and find the perfect balance, before tying the knot with someone.

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