Memoirs from Fremont Street

Jetsetting – October 2007

It’s been non-stop since Friday.

24 hours ago I was still asleep in Vegas.  Now I’m at work….Got in around 3 am last night.   Vegas in an evil evil place.   Dont get me wrong; I still love it just the same;  but Sin City is like a drug that will suck you in and spit you out.   It’s a place with NO TIME ZONE,  no longer are you on a time frame like everywhere else in the US.  4am is the same as 6pm.    The night sky is bright with lights; buildings shed a neon glow, walls are lit up….it’s 2am but you don’t feel tired.   You’re down to your last $100 but you don’t care, because Vegas helps you believe that the next pull is your lucky break.   You’ll get back anything you lose.

Want to see the real Las Vegas; visit Fremont Street, aka “the old strip.”   Even the bums believe they’re gonna hit it big; they sit at the penny machines and drink all day for free.  Tourists, alcoholics, bums, and hookers gather for the “Fremont Street Experience,” featuring tawdry casinos, strip clubs, vendors, and seedy bars.   Women who couldn’t pass for “sexy” on the new strip are employed on Fremont Street, dressed in tacky showgirl attire stand in front of the old casinos, handing out beads and posing for pictures.


My non-stop lifestyle has finally caught up with me; being a jetsetter isnt all fun and games.  It’s expensive and most of all; taxing.   On Saturday alone, I was in Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles, then finally Las Vegas.

Now I am here at work, supposed to be creating data tables.  I am too fabulous for this sort of task; don’t they know who I am? 

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  1. gentledove says:

    That’s a life style almost beyond the imagination of most Brits-maybe another 10 years

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