You get a 2 for being so ugly on the inside

Earlier this week, I exchanged words with a mediocre blogger on Myspace.

The problem, was this guy got too big for his britches after he collected a few subscriptions, tried to be the next Tucker Max, took it to the next level and got mean, and currently is losing steam (and readers) because of all this.

I ditched this guy’s blog after reading his latest delusional peice about the stupid rating system …… “the Numbers Scale.” !!   We all know this one. Think…think back….to 11th grade or so…those usually unattractive guys who for some ungodly reason were deemed ‘popular,’ who felt so comfortable with themselves that they rated others by a number.

This particular blogger, is a 29 year old man who insists men typically use the number scale to rate women.
Is this true, gentlemen? Do you whisper numerical nothings amongst yourselves to describe women?

We all know a douchebag here or there who says things like “Aw, shit, look what just walked in, She’s a 10.” But I had no clue that MOST men use numbers to rate a woman or her desirability, and actually share these sentiments out loud? Or hell even silently? And I don’t really believe that, so now I’m asking YOU.

Ladies, is this as gross as I think it is? Does anyone else think it’s very “Steve Stiffler-ish”? (By the way, when i made that comparison over on -10 boy’s blog, you could almost hear his balls exploding)
I’ve always said, I like people who could have an ego, but don’t.

And in the interest of looking at this from all angles, Even if I did think of my physical appearance as a ’10,’ I don’t like the thought of others rating me. And I hope i’d never be so sure of myself that I would feel comfortable rating other people, either.
i’ll use a quote by Henry Rollins, and say,
“This is when you must remember what you are
You must get back to the real number
You are a number
The number is one ”

YOU and all your lovely ‘imperfections.’

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  1. Meka says:

    This post is great. I dont believe in the number scale and I am a lady. I used to do that back in jr high but I never rated anybody. I didnt think too many people did that anymore. Cool post though and funny.

  2. anonymrs says:

    *sigh* men. Way to make us all even MORE insecure. Sheesh.

  3. Speaking as a male, I do not rate women by numbers, neither do any of my male friends, and I think that doing so says a hell of a lot more about the men doing the rating than the women being rated (Steve Stiffler does make an excellent point of comparison). Ultimately, you’re probably better off if guys like this give you a low rating, since then they won’t waste your time. Then, this kind of thing’s just one of the more egregious examples of the way everything’s reduced to numbers these days, including people’s intelligence, the value music or books, etc……..

  4. zxvasdf says:

    I use a number scale but do not gauge with a simple scale system such as his. My scale ranges from 10 to 1000.

    This scaling system is applied towards every discernible physical and personality feature the woman radiates: dimensions of smile, amount of conniving gleam in the eyes, first impressions of confidence level, estimated amount of freckles and moles, hands, thickness and color of hair, skin elasticity, breast size, hourglass quality of hips, bum bump, length of toes, shape of foot, and if possible, the amplitude of pubic hairs from various locations on the body.

    The collected statistics are then calculated in a dense algorithm, taking up to three weeks to output. The results are then superimposed onto a chart outlining the types that match myself.

    I don’t have much luck with this method myself.

  5. Total Chat says:

    As a guy I don’t rate girls in this way, but I will say that my partner is absoultely a 10 out of 10 as I love here dearly! This might have been something done back as school perhaps!

  6. Shankha says:

    Nice Post. Numbers are there in our minds all the time, even if you do not calculate them. From your childhood to your teenage to you getting old you always care for numbers all the time.

    Looking at a man/woman the numbers are always calculated in your mind, even if don’t like to. You cannot help it.

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