To travel

Tomorrow I leave for Milwaukee, Wisconsin.   I can’t wait to be on the plane.   Fall and winter are a force worth fighting; I’m traveling as often as I can afford.  Some random thoughts on travel:

My writing is free from the blocks I feel in my normal environment.

I drink at hours considered inappropriate whilst not “on vacation.”   There’s nothing quite like having a drink at  some random airport at 8am.

I am awake at hours I’m normally too lazy to see.   I see the sun rising.    Time to catch up with my favorite breakfast foods:  LOX, and  Eggs Benedict.

“Service”:   I remember family vacations:  my father always packed sandwiches for the trip.   then, He used  to pack sandwiches to bring on our days going to the beach.    These memories of soggy mustard and tukey meals have made me into the service queen I am today.   I love room service!  Eating out!  Talking to a waiter.   Sitting back and doing nothing.   It’s gold for the soul.

Airports are exciting.   (Parking and going thru security..not so much.)   All airports are different.  On a flight en route to DC from Las Vegas , my flight had a layover at:  Cincinatti/Northern Kentucky Airport.   Am I in Ohio, or Kentucky?   It was 4 AM or something, and coming from Sin City, it’s safe to assume I was hungover.   I could still here the “ching-ching-ching-ching” of slot machines echoning throughout my head.    Anyway, this airport was like stepping into 1945 Kentucky-Derbyville.   A faint smell of cigar smoke drifted through the air.    Finally arriving back to Washington DC, was oddly comforting.

You never know what’s going to happen when you explore new territory.  I’m sure I’ll have lots to say about Milwaukee.  (“Milwaukee:  Behind the dairy products and booze”)

In the meantime, here’s a pretty awesome video.   I think it nails the feeling one gets on a rainy day, on a Sunday, or in a beach town during off-season.

*you are sleeping….you do not want to believe….you are sleeping..*

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