This coming June, I turn the big 3-0;

I’ve learned a lot in my twenties.   The years were difficult most of the time.  Here are some lessons I learned…the hard way.  

  •   “When life is hard, you have to change.” — Thank you, Blind Melon.  I gave away my only Blind Melon cd at a gas station one warm summer evening, but that line stuck with me. 


  • It is not easier to pay something off later.    Are you feeling me yet?  Credit cards are the devil.   What began as a post-breakup treat or two turned into  $10,000 within several years.  Being in debt is bad enough, but knowing every breathing moment is accruing interest is enough to make one want to stay in bed.   Until Congress puts a stop to the free reign by which credit card companies operate, this evil entity will continue its fine print lies and random skyrocketing interest rates.  Suck it, Bank of America.


  • The quickest way to get rid of a man is to ask him for something he can’t give you.   This is a lesson and a tip.  Seriously, it is typical behavior for men to dissapear when the heat is on.  And another thing?  If a guy is interested, he will say things.  Not kind of say, not ‘hint.’   (Example:  “A girl like you could make a guy fall…..oh   nothing.”   Flattering, huh?   This guy IS interested–in getting laid.  A guy who wants a serious fling, will tell you just how wonderful you are, vague half-statements not included.   This was a tricky lesson.)


  • End toxic relationships.   I wore a loser magnet    It was a bad habit of keeping the wrong company.  I believed all people were good people underneath, but this turned out to be untrue.   I once read in Celestine Prophecy, that one feels either better or worse after every conversation/interaction with another.  It’s the energy flow.  If you feel like crap after talking/being with someone, that’s something to think about.

The glasses of an Idealist


  • Believe in something.    There’s a lot of skeptics out there.   Everyone has something to say about a higher power.  If you do not believe, they’ll try to talk you into it…if you do believe, they’ll try to talk you out of it.   There’s a lot of agnostics, etc out there…. I did a lot of questioning..  but in the end, I know what I know and feel better for it.  I was most miserable when I felt there was nothing else.   But believing in something, anything…..changes life. 

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  1. Lana says:

    Everything you wrote makes perfect sense. Maybe it’s because I’m rolling up on 30 (I hit it two months before you!), but every last one of these things makes sense.

    And I so want to high five you for “Suck it, Bank of America.”

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