So what’s your Status?

“I wake with the sparrows and I hurry off to work
The need for validation, babe, gone completely
I wanted to be your Superman but I turned out such a

— “Abbatoir Blues,” Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

The powers that be behind Myspace and Facebook figured out that people really, really  like to let everyone know what they’re doing at any given second.   Social networking has never been so intense. 

Facebook even likes to remind me to list what I’m doing.  “What are you doing right now?” waits at the top of the screen following log-in. 

Myspace offers ‘mood faces’ to accompany my status.  There’s an adjective to describe just about any human state of mind; some of which I’ve seen only once or twice in my life, and still aren’t quite sure of the meaning.  Are you feeling recumbent?  Quixotic?  Or perhaps just obsequenious?

 Besides hosting a breeding ground for stalkers, why does this annoy me?

One–because Myspace baited everyone right from the beginning with  their new appeal to ‘the middle child’ in all of us.  It’s your OWN page, with your OWN ‘token NUMBER!’   I will tell you, I am right around the 100,000 person to join. 

But that was before FrakenSpace became the monster it is today.  And the hook is just getting deeper and deeper.   While some of us have ‘boundaries’ and common sense, sadly..many do not.   

Legions of attention whores wearing lingerie!  

Self-obsession has run rampant.                                      

And passive-aggressiveness?  It’s never been so easy. 

Now you can advertise to the world that you and your cheating boyfriend are really, seriously a couple. 

Demand compliments!   

 ….Arrange your more ‘favorite‘ friends into sequential order  

…..Blog hypothetically’ about your fake friends cause you know they will read it!

So, status updates are the latest.   I wonder if so much energy going towards publicly monitoring ones own thoughts and happenings are healthy or perhaps a waste of time and life? 

–ask yourself this:

What is the purpose?  Why would Myspace and Facebook do this?  Do they want you to be in touch with your emotions?   Do they need to know you just finished up in the bathroom or that you’re smitten with a secret crush?

It’s just another way to keep our attention.

And it works.

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  1. Lana says:

    Ah! Good ol’ MyStalk! You hit the nail on the head again. ESPECIALLY about people who troll for picture comments. It frightens me just how many people post bulletins that they have new pictures up and, as you said, demand compliments. Whatever happened to just leaving a comment because you wanted to? Whatever happened to READING what people have to say instead of just fapping to their pictures?

    P.S. – Lana just farted a wet one into a paper bag. Her her mood status is “accomplished.”

    1. MB says:

      Can you believe this was almost 10 years ago?

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