Rise and Shine

Sometimes my blogs go a little bit off the deep end.   Despite occasional paranoid ramblings, I am actually quite well-rounded.  As Tupac said, “Through every dark night, there’s a bright day after that.”

This year, I am conducting a little experiment.  

making Winter look pretty

Pretty soon, it will get dark at 5pm and the weather will be frigid.   The holidays will be upon us… gifts will be bought; I will assume my spot in front of the atm machine for frantic balance-checking.  Somehow, I will find a way to stock up on pants; this will make getting dressed in the morning less challenging.  Winter is a season I could do without, to say the least. 

To deal with ‘the darkness,’ I’ve ignored my psychiatrist’s yearly advice of buying a full-spectrum light and daily exercise.   Instead, I’ve submerged myself in the fine company of misery.   But do I look forward to spending another winter reading the gritty words of Henry Rollins and playing a steady rotation of Morrissey songs?  Eh.   Not so much.

 Henry             Morrissey

This year, I focus on enjoying the winter in all it’s cold, sunless glory.   Even winter has a silver lining, right off the bat:

Say goodbye to the cruel contraption referred to as “swimsuit.”  Whereas men get to wear baggy shorts, women are stuck with the most unflattering material ever. 

The winter may seem long, but life is short. 

I will end this post and begin a new outlook with some words of strength from Henry Rollins; and commence leaving Henry to be miserable by himself this season:

“If this endless ghetto of lies and heart break, this life-long run of fences and flickering neon signs, night sweats and suicidal urges makes you feel like stopping, just stopping, like stopping breathing, wait.  Wait.  You don’t have to tell me your name.  You don’t have to prove yourself to me.  I accept you.  If you’re finding life to be the one thing that’s trying to kill you, I want you to stay alive to rise with the sun and fight back.


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