Practical Joke Apprectiation


It was time to do something.

Within a few minutes, I’d set up a new email account.  The rest of the alliance agreed the boss had it coming.  His day was about to get confusing.  The phony email had all the right elements:  a work-related subject line, a question which needed an answer, and conflicting information regarding one of his many reports.  Throw in a few made-up acronyms and an official-sounding title, and that bait was set.

He’d definitly click the link included in the email, which supposedly would lead him to this fake organization’s website, to verify this ‘new information.’

But, it would really take him here:   If you haven’t  yet ‘Rick Rolled’ someone, you haven’t really lived.

Rick Astley does it again

Of course, we never would get a reaction out of the boss:  he’d never mention anything about a “rick roll” and certainly wouldn’t respond to such foolery.   But just knowing it happened was enough to sustain a special kind of glow for the rest of the day.

Ah,  the hilarity of petty practical jokes.

According to Wikipedia,

A practical joke or prank is a stunt or trick to purposely make someone feel foolish or victimized, usually for humor.

My boss is the most common victim of my practical jokes.   He’s received a work-related question via email  from an obviously stoned drum tech wondering about our organization’s data-collection methods.  Then, there was phone message from Mr. Grez LeeBaer, with a return number that turned out to be the National Zoo.   Wouldnt you know it, some crazy jokester taped a sign reading “Free Paris Hilton” to his office window during the great ‘Paris: Incarcerated’ incident last year.

And prank calls? Another realm of practical jokes that never got old.

“I’ll certainly ask again, but there was no ‘Ben Dover’ here an hour ago either.”

Several weeks ago in Milwaukee, a friend and I went on a prank-calling binge several nights in a row, after having too much to drink, which is easy to do in Milwaukee.    It’s not often I find someone out there who enjoys prank calling.   At least no one approaching age 30.    After we ran out of family members and close friends to call, the Milwaukee Police Department received one of the oldest prank calls known to man:  Police use a  electronic “CADS” system to track everything.   We called and were transferred to the inner sanctum of the police deparment.  (My friend is an officer of the law, so she knows what to say)

“Milwaukee Police Department, unit 27”

“Hello,  Is the CADS system running?”

“Yes it is.”

“Well you better go catch it!” Click.

Next up, a prank call to Bret Michaels of Poison’s roadcrew.  I happened to have this because he’s an old friend, who somehow ended up on tour w/ one of the 80’s most embarrassing icons.


“Is Bret Michaels there?”

“No you need to call his booking agent.”

“We’d like to know if Bret Michaels can donate a can of mushrooms for those affected by Hurricane Ike.”

“What? “

“One can of mushrooms.”

“No, you need to call his booking about this.  Who the hell is this?”

“Well, every rose has it’s thorn.”

The call actually went on for another minute or so, ending with an off-key heavy accented rendition of “Unskinny Bop,”  but  “she just likes to play” was substituted with “he just likes to donate.”

That night will stand out as one of the greatest in prank calls.

With today’s technology, prank calls are  quickly becoming a vanishing act in American history.   I’ll do my part to stop this extinction.

Who else is in?

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  1. Lana says:

    BRILLIANT!!!! Count me in. I used to LOVE making prank calls back in the day. I think the reason why this generation has so many issues is because technology prevents them from experiencing the joy that is the crank call. God, I loved that Bret Michaels one!!!

    Haven’t Rick Rolled someone yet, but damnit, I gotta do that!!! You. Are. Brilliant!!!!

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