The Beautiful People


“Beauty is not perfection”

Did you know there is a place online for beautiful people to come together?   

At, aka “Networking For beautiful Likeminded People,”
 the pretentious can meet other self-absorbed humans who cared so much to be included, they went thru the humiliating ritual of getting ‘approved.’

To become a member, one must submit a picture and personal information such as occupation, body type, birth date and salary.  From there, members ‘rate’ you for 3 days.  Very little emphasis is given to personality type, characteristics, or personal interests.  Forget all that fuckery, dahling!  This site is all about looks and success…”the total package.”

 Exhibit A

For shits and giggles, I applied one time several years ago.  I was turned down.  Yesterday, I applied again.  So far, the masses say I am not beautiful enough to join.

My plan is to be approved, then put up the most unflattering picture of myself I can find.

 real beauty.

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  1. Lana says:

    Whoa. I had no idea this sort of site exists. That’s disturbing. As if MyStalk and (Sit On My) Facebook wasn’t shallow enough, someone comes along and changes the whole landscape.

    Too bad voting wasn’t up to the general public. Some real fun could be had racking up numbers to deny membership to those deemed unattractive. If this is the one thing in life they feel they’ve got nailed, it could be a lot of fun to introduce some doubt into their self worth. I know. I’m evil. 🙂

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