In defense of other fabrics!


Jeans, a derivative of “denim” (a rugged cotton twill textile), are undeniably one of the most commonly worn items of clothing in fashion history.  The most obvious reason for this is versatility: jeans go with everything and are available in various fits and types:  bootcut, cropped, flare, ‘boyfriend,’ high-waisted, skinny, straight-leg, wide leg….   

What one will not see advertised, though, is the ugly side of these overrated pants.  From my own experience, shopping for a pair of jeans is about as desireable as a meal at Old Country Buffet.   Possibilities in this area are bland; for denim pants are very fickle.   Finding something halfway flattering is half the battle.  (Allegedly, some companies offer jeans designed to be a “perfect fit,” but nobody I know has experienced this miracle.  I haven’t. )

If I launder my jeans, menstruate, gain a few pounds or even indulge in a large meal, count on at least a few hours of misery.  Jeans do not move with the body, which can lead to the embarrassing situation of exposing one’s lower lumbar region when sitting, squatting, or bending over. 

Jeans are not all that.  They aren’t even comfortable to sleep in.

 Fashion victims unite against denim!

I hate to say it, but jeans are a monopoly.  Until someone comes along with a better option for casual wear, we will always have the ‘squat’ manuever to stretch out this unforgiving fabric.   

What am I missing?   Do comfortable, flattering jeans truly exist?

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