That thing you do

You’d never know. I find the following incredibly endearing & memorable:

*Confused facial expressions on strangers. In a world of green tea, coffee, and other artificial stimulants, a “what is going on” look is actually heartwarming. It’s good to see not everyone is always so “on point” every waking moment.

*Men with out of control curly hair and big teeth.

*Ladies who show up dressed like themselves instead of hookers. Yes, you sitting at the bar in your jeans and tshirt, not competing for “hot girl having the most fun ever” contest.

*Telling a joke and being excited about it. Even if it’s not funny, I’ll remember.

*The scent of your shower soap. My boss smells like Irish Springs, it’s just so boyish and innocent.

*Healthcare professionals: when you smile and act human, it’s really nice. Your bedside manner means more than you’ll probably ever know.

*“Good morning” Said with a smile, can make my anti-morning attitude melt away.

*Men who hold their lady’s hand in public.

*Punk rock tattoos

When you stop to think before speaking, it makes me feel like you really care what you say.

What are the little things that YOU appreciate?

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Nic says:

    really interesting topic
    I agree totally with the way women dress, its just better to be yourself really
    however personally the thing i really appreciate is ‘the unexpected kindness of others’ like someone you don’t know genuinely asking you if you’re OK when your not feeling so great.
    it’s nice just to feel valued i guess

  2. Great list. Let me add:
    People who take an interest in what you say and share something personal about themselves.

    People you run into in the street and look really glad to see you.

  3. 79sparrows says:

    oooh these are GOOD ones!
    Nic and NothingProfound….I think we all agree that feeling cared for, thru various ways, ranks top of this list!

  4. Austin says:

    eye contact from a complete stranger as they walk by. it feels like i’m not just another nobody they passed on the street. it’s nice.

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