For the moment…any dream will do

I have many things on my “to do list,” things with real deadlines and details. infact the very first thing, is to actually write my list of things “to do.” As Rob Dyrdek and Big Black would say: DW! (do work) Work can be so overwhelming. Why is that? I don’t consider myself lazy.
But, ladies and gentlemen…

I have a dream.
Of easing into the morning at some point between 8:30-10am. With nowhere to ‘be’ until early afternoon (no exact time). Of driving my wrangler in warm, mostly sunny climates. I arrive at my job looking quite fabulous in casual apparel. My friendly co-workers do not glance at the clock upon my arrival, because they are happily living their own lives. Work lasts 4-6 hours, but it went by so fast! The rest of the day is mine, I work out and relax while looking out my huge waterfront window.

Is that too much to ask? Can this be my reality? Time will prove everything.
In the meantime… I’ll write this damn to-do list, and ogle some eye-candy and other things of distracted interest:

This is Mike Ness, frontman of Orange County’s Finest: Social Distortion. This man’s words have saved my mood many a disappointing day. I could write an entire list about all the things I love about him. In my perfect dreamworld, I’d be laying next to him in front of the window.

I was going thru my computer files, and found this pic:
A beautiful photo of a beautiful woman, taken by visual mastermind. Mark Miremont His photos are sexy without making me feel like going to confession afterwards. I love his style.

hermanandlilyvi5 aww.. true love.

Next lastly:
The man who can make me think, cringe, or laugh; depending on his mood. It is thanks to him that I discovered the greatness of using “Dually noted” in response to some of the anal emails my boss sends. Nothing says “i get it. go away” like those 2 words. Thank you, Hank.

Now I’m gonna DW.

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