“Hell is Living with Other People”

Dear Roommate,

When you suggested being ‘roommates,’ I did not fathom the idea that I would be the focal point of your home life. The ensuing frustration I’ve felt, I’ve tried not to bitch about; ah, but the weight of our relationship has taken its toll.

The constant quiet stares in my direction have become overwhelming. It is wierd. I feel as though you expect my time, my free ‘entertainment,’ my presence whenever we are both at the house (which is often, as you do not venture out or believe in making new friends). And entertain I do. The silence/stare combo brings out a particularly obnoxious persona which I usually reserve for binge drinking. I am sorry for being this person. But you drive me absolutely insane.


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  1. Faith says:

    I could use this list every single day. I loved the one about getting help for OCD. My roommates OCD isn’t what most expect. He’s OCD in that he’s filthy and a pack rat. Still it’s OCD and annoying as all get out.
    Love the list. Gotta get one.


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