Never Trust a Man Wearing Italian Leather Shoes

Well, it has been a few years since I blogged a little peice called: “Never Marry a Man Who Has No Friends” .

Besides being one of my most ‘popular’ posts, it is advice which I believe in more than ever.
But wait! There’s more!

*Never trust a man wearing Italian Leather Shoes.
Until he is proven to be a respectable man w/ good character, anyways. But think about it: What kind of man buys expensive designer shoes? Most men dont’ really get into ‘shoes,’ even those interested in being ‘hip’ stick to Diesel jeans and Ed Hardy tees. So a man who takes it as far as to wear trophy-like footwear is something to think about.

A pimp once told a friend of mine to pay attention to the kind of footwear a woman’s wearing if he wanted to see how well she takes care of herself.

A lot can be said for a man’s choice in shoes.
I once dated a guy who wore combat boots all the time, even on the walk to and from the pool. Wearing boots, he claimed, was because he liked to always ‘felt prepared.’ We later broke up for irreconcilable reasons.

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