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This week, I finally had it with Chuck the Stalker. After a particularly creepy visit featuring silent lingering in my cubicle, I informed my supervisor of the situation and after everything was said and done, she said “I’m sorry this happened, but it’s the price you pay for being cool.” It was the highlight of my ego’s day.

If you think about it, very little in life is without a price. To have something is to give up something. I’m flypaper for the crazies; some breeds are like lights on a Christmas tree, others are the strands of tinsel that never really go away. I meet them in airports, on planes, parking lots, bars, festivals, even on the telephone.



Link of the Day: 7 Reasons the 21st Century is Making You Miserable

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  1. Sean Leary says:

    Thanks for the plug for my book! LOL. I was looking through the links-to-my-website and noticed your strand so I thought I’d check it out. There’s some pretty entertaining stuff here; I like the blog. Best wishes, and thanks again for posting my book! — Sean Leary

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