Relax, Bitch


This post may as well be titled “Lessons in People Skills , courtesy of my Room mate,” but going that far seems petty.
oversesitive –adjective : excessively or unduly sensitive.

Over the years, I’ve heard men make the same remark : women get too serious as they get older. Not all women, but it’s easy to see how this happens. Women, particularly those thinking about starting a family someday, are on an accelerated life clock. It’s also easy to see how this fact can be consuming, whether consciously or not. So gentlemen, don’t take it personally. And ladies, lighten up a little. You still need to have fun. And having fun is sexy.

Sometimes, it takes being around someone with similar negative qualities to truly understand just how irritating these qualities are. My roommate has inadvertently taught me to chill out on being serious and sensitive all the time. It’s pointless and being around someone like that is a real Debbie Downer. wuh wuh wuhhhhhhhh…

Sensitive people make the world go ’round: they listen, feel empathy; sensitive beings make everything a bit nicer, especially when it comes to helping you out when shit hits the fan. Most writers are somewhat sensitive to the world around them. And I’d hate to be in a hospital lacking nurses with ‘bedside manner.’

But the ugly side of sensitivity exists: to be sensitive is to be moody. It’s like a yin-yang deal. I decided.

Living with a man who has these traits, in a platonic situation, has allowed me to understand my own downfalls. Being sensitive to everything is a one way ticket to misery. The world keeps spinning. It’s not all about me.

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  1. Sensitive people are simply people who lack a sense of humor. Somewhere along the line they decided to be hurt by the world rather than to laugh at it.

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