Another Day


Another day
another miracle drug
another day to turn it all around
another dollar spent
filling up my gas tank
just to get to here from there
spending money to make money
at a job where the minutes tick by
ever so slowly
it’s hard to feel good being alive
working at the 9-5
but life is what you make it
and i havent made enough yet
to really have the right to bitch about the injustices
so I sit back
and write the perfect “to do” list
it’s as exciting
as the cafeteria’s soup
Mass quantities of anything
turns out systematic and bland
cheddar and brocolli is no exception
sip it slowly,
maybe it will taste better
on another day

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  1. Deb says:

    Ugh – I felt the same way you did when I was working at 9-5 job that I hated. It’s when you find something you have passion for, that you won’t mind sitting there for 8-12 hours at a time. We spend that much time at work, we might as well have a passion for it. I remember wishing my life away, “I wish it were Friday”, “is it 5 o’clock yet???” It’s getting from point A. to point B.

    My question would be, if you had the opportunity, what would you like to do instead of the job you’re at right now? I would love to see it in a poem, if you could! I really enjoyed reading your poem! Thanks for sharing

  2. Love the anagram!
    — margana.

  3. Kate M says:

    So damn true for a lot of people. Many of us wonder: ‘Is this it? There must be more to life than this.’ And there is. We just have to get in touch with what really matters. Easier said than done, I guess.

  4. Wonderful poem. Really hits home. Some great lines: “Mass quantities of anything/turns out systematic and bland/cheddar and broccoli is no exception.” Reminds me of a poem by Theodore Roethke “I have known the inexorable pain of pencils.” Work like that does seem such a waste of life but as you say life is what you make it. And you made it into poetry.

  5. universalandparticular says:

    Great poem. I am looking for someone desperately on this great big web who loves creative writing…
    Maybe you can visit my sites and leave a comment what do you think…

  6. Where oh where is the Sparrow? It’s been since September with no chirps, no poems or songs. Where oh where have you gone?


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