the Sparrow Flies Again

Well, I feel like real assholes for not blogging in so long. (said in Borat voice). I have missed this place and all the fabulous people here on WordPress. It is “that time of the year again,” when I feel blah and low on creative juice, insight, and thought in general. I should probably be in front of a sunlamp somewhere.

Where do you go to get away? I mean, really get away. Some have happy places in their heads; must be nice. You know where I go? Sin City, baby. I feel better just thinking about the mayhem of flashing lights and the *ding ding ding ding ding ding* slot machine sound effects. Ah, the completely organized disorder known as Las Vegas. It is a beautiful thing.

Starting February, I’ll be living rent-free for a few months. This time is for saving money for a home, but I dont see anything wrong in finding a good deal on Orbitz and taking off for a few days. I’ll only tell a few people where I’m going, because things get messy fast. Traveling alone is freedom on steroids.
Some people like to organize their trips on Excel Spreadsheets. What fun is that?

When the weather is 30-some degrees and the sun sets before 5pm, I need to get away. Someplace where it’s acceptable to have a drink at 10am poolside, followed by throwing my money away into various slot machines for a few hours. Afterwards, I’ll chill in my hotel room for a few hours, watch the sunset behind the beautiful Nevada mountains.

Just goes to show, you dont need luck when you’re happy.

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