Good to Know

Peter: I want always to be a boy, and have fun.
Wendy: You say so, but I think it is your biggest pretend.
–Peter Pan

Some things you just don’t know until you figure them out for yourself. Some lessons are learned “the hard way”; others present themselves through simple observation. A new decade is upon us. My 30s are upon me. I like knowing more–I decided.

*I fear that mornings will never be a pleasant time for me. I’d like to change that, suggestions, anyone?
*I’m sick and tired of self-help shit everywhere I look. Working on one’s self can backfire. It is easy to keep looking “in” rather than actually being present and simply living. “Keep doing you.”
*Don’t spend too much time on the computer.
*Save money.
*STOP a routine that’s making life harder than it has to be
*Keep going
*Stop eating after 8pm for the love of god. Laying in bed eating Doritos is not going to help anything.
*Don’t wait around for anything or anyone. I.e., find a new job that is actually halfway interesting.
*Eat breakfast. After years of being told this “tip,” I wholeheartedly agree: Breakfast Is Good For You. Not because I’m a health nut, but because my whole day runs much more smoothly and sanely when I start the day with a meal.

my oatmeal

*Never chase. Let things come to you.
*Good advice about life in general: “She needs to learn how to fight or duck.” -Pauly D, Jersey Shore. Fight or duck.
*Being honest about how you feel and saying what you mean= freedom

These are just a few of the things I’ve come to know. That’s the nice thing about getting older: learning how to make one’s life easier.

my next book to read

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