Taking out the Trash

Faith in something.
Took many errors and lessons learned the hard way to realize it’s impossible to have a better day without taking out the garbage.
No matter how long it’s been rotting…
It’s ok.
Wipe it all away. Today is a clean slate.
If you let them treat you like 2nd best,
You end up selling yourself short, a confused shell
Afraid of everything.
That’s over.
Who you are on your myspace?
Exploitation buying your self-loving lonely minutes
Your self destruction?
Eating up precious moments
Don’t fake it for them
Don’t fake it for anything
It’s how you hold on to yourself
There are real life-like monsters out there
parading around as humans
Some are very good with the english language
And like all monsters
don’t believe them
don’t stare too long or let them stare into you
There are poisons, and like all poisons
Spit it out. Cause
something better is coming
Everything was so twisted
But you are meant to stay innocent
Resist what you don’t want to succumb to
And free.
Don’t carry those bags of trash around
it’s short.
At the end, so many don’t want to leave
Make the best of it
A million second chances, while the clock still ticks away
What’s real now?
Make it
Make it whatever you want.
At least you’re alive

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