To Like Someone

It’s been a while since I really fell hard for a guy.
It happened a few years ago.
That whole thing never really took off the ground
but sometimes those are the most memorable.
Time has worked it’s magic and all the circumstantial raw emotions
and the overall bad taste in my mouth
from the whole thing has subsided.
What’s next?
I don’t want to end up being one of those bitter singles
who spend their free time reminiscing
about the mistakes and misfortunes of old lovers
and misguided relationships.
The mother ship is hungry and it wants fresh meat.
But oh,
Mr. Three Years Ago,
The good times,
they were really good.
I remember it all every once in a while and
wonder when the next time will be that I like someone
the way that I liked you.

“It’s only when I lose myself to someone else, that I find myself.” –“Only When I Lose Myself,” Depeche Mode

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