Slaves to a Big Machine

We had another pointless training seminar. As per usual, the information could have been summed up in 10 minutes tops, but was pounded out like a cheap peice of meat for an hour. The robots were well programmed. They spend countless hours filling their head with garbage. Their ‘career’ consists of bureaucratic protocol, a made-up world called an ‘organization.’ Like most organizations, the real purpose is lost somewhere in the detailed ‘system’ of running this well-oiled, ambiguous machine. Three former humans stand on stage, instructing the drones, basking in their artificial power. At one point in their life, it is assumed the robots had a dream. They looked and spoke to other earthlings, actually seeing them and relating as fellow humans with child-like fantasies and feelings. But RobotWorld offered security, even if it didn’t make any sense or serve a purpose. Eventually, the machine’s protocol made perfect sense to the robots, even if they were the only ones who thought it meant anything at all.


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  1. Arrived here via blogcatalog.

    That takes me back. I remember attending so many seminars – sometimes week long ones – and at the end wondering why. I used to go back to managing my office in exactly the same way as I did before.

    Everyone seemed happy about this, but what a waste of time.


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