Happy Birthday, I’m Listening

Boundaries are good for you.
I wake up with them, hold on tight to them
in my dreams and waking hours
I remembered
today is your birthday
Usually I’d run to the phone to let you know
I didn’t forget and you mattered and you make the world
a better place
Then, you’d invite me to drive to you
where ever you are
So we could stay holed up in your room
for endless hours
to listen to you talk about yourself,
why it didn’t matter that it was your birthday,
I even listened to you
listen to yourself
It felt like we were back in highschool
even on your 30th birthday,
listening to you
telling me what I was doing wrong with my life
until your penis made an appearance
to remind me there was still something I knew how to do right
And afterwards I listened to the nothing of it all and
wondered Why I came
So you could go back to producing your next hit single
next to the elephant in the room
You shrugged and told me just to leave
and keep doing me
whatever that means
And now another year is here,
I hear you’re still the same person you’ve always been
And that’s enough for me to hear
it’s good to know you from here,
I like where I stay
these invisible lines are better than seeing you unbuckle your belt
because it’s no big deal
you’ve screwed almost every one in your path
but not me this year
Happy Birthday

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