Three Commercials and a Question


Some TV commercials know what they are doing. It is irregardless (pronounced, “irregahdless”) of whether the product is any good. They are memorable for other reasons.

1) Outrageous claim followed by immediate disclaimer Award:

I couldn’t help but pay attention when I heard “Taco Bell” and “Diet” used in the same sentence during a recent Taco Bell commercial. Then to hear about seven different selections all under 9 grams of fat, plus the enthusiastic weight loss testimonial. But it still didn’t feel right. Then the same weight-loss lady casually says, “These results aren’t typical…..” Blah Blah Blah why even bother then? Was it so far a stretch Taco Bell was forced to tell the truth in an advertisement?
Taco Bell could make a better impression by simply reminding us not to feel so guilty next time we are in the Drive-Thru, because there’s a chance something we order may be under 9 grams. Not the Nacho BellGrande, so until that day comes it’s up to you.

2) Ridiculous

I was in the kitchen making coffee the first time and thought it was one of those adult party-line commercials that usually don’t air till 2 or 3 am. No, it’s just the Kardashian sisters getting their videos confused. Diet pills have never sounded so sensual. The voice-over is intense. In the background, Khole strikes poses, then back to Kim. If QuickTrim picked a non-famous spokesperson it may not be so ridiculous. Since, as we all know by now, celebrities do not pick an over-the-counter supplement when they need to dump some weight.

3) The Elephant in the Room Award

Ok, does anyone ever see this and just not know what to think? The Shake Weight Infomericals. It took me a while to remember this one because I kept catching these while in a half-asleep state, being woken up by the tv at 4am just long enough to turn it off.

Are a lot of inneuendos going on here or am I seeing things?
Please let me know.

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