6 Easy Ways to Lose Weight

Living healthy is not so easy for everyone.  

I love food.  The idea of sticking to a diet or nutrition plan is as appealing as visiting the grocery store right before a snowstorm.    Also, I am lazy, so confinement to a routine of some sort never works out for too long.  However, the last month has been a great success:  I lost 13 lbs.  And now, I’m going to pass along my magical .02.  So, if you find yourself  thinking about swim suit season and want to trim up a bit, read on.   Once you get past the first couple days, it all works out.

1.)  Don’t eat after 6pm.   I eat my last real “meal” at lunch.  For dinner, I drink a meal replacement shake (Herbalife is a good one) and if I need something later, I snack on carrot sticks, grapes, asparagus (baked, mmm), or an apple.  NO ‘real’ food such as breads, chips, carbs, etc.  Following this rule, I wake up feeling slender, no bloating, no brain fog, just pure unadulterated sexiness.   lol.   To put it lightly:  If you would like to GAIN weight, eat late at night and then go to sleep. 

2.)  Take more breaks at work.  That’s right.  Get away from that box you’re staring into and take a stroll down the hall.   It helps make up for not properly “working out,” and does make a difference. 

3.)  Drink lots of water.  No shit, Captain Obvious!   But once again, it’s one of those little things that make a huge difference in achieving your overall goal.

4.)  Breakfast and lunch = Fuel.   Your body is a machine, so give it something that’s going to make a difference in performance.  That is why junk food really is “junk.”  I’ve noticed when I eat eggs in the morning, I run more smoothly all day.  I’m less hungry and have far less sabotaging cravings.  Protein–it’s all about the protein!!!!!!!

5.)  Eat the same damn thing every day.   At least Mon-Fri, you should know what you are going to eat everyday.   Ex: Eggs every morning, grilled chicken w/ vegs at lunch, shake/light meal for dinner.  Mon-Fri.  Taking the guess work out of eating has been a lifesaver for me.  I love being creative–but going balls out planning meals and grocery shopping saps my will to be healthy pretty quick.  So dont make this a creative endeavor, make it a routine, and eliminate failure.  🙂

6.)  Thou shall weigh oneself.   At doctors appointments, Im the kind of person who steps on the scale with my eyes closed and gives the nurse precise instructions to  not verbally announce my current weight.  “You can just write it in my file, thank you.”   But I am now the owner of a  fancy glass digital scale.  I weigh myself once a week or so.  As much as I hate numbers, the scale does not lie.   Little Debbie may tell you to eat all you want, but the scale will remind you what you ate last night in the dark.

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