Open House

 It’s April 13th and I’ve got the house all to myself until the end of the month when I move out.   My over-sensitive roommate has left the building and took all his furniture and housewares with him.  Which leaves a fairly empty, echoing structure.  He even took the cable and internet!  Hells bells.  

So what to do with myself during these last few weeks of freedom?   Lots of painting and cleaning.  My landlord is a world-class a-hole and I know for a fact his broke arse is going to find reasons to with-hold the $1400 security deposit.  Consequently,  the walls must be painted back to the sterile, unattractive off-white shade he prefers. 

But to have the house to myself for these last few weeks—ohhh it’s worth it.   How lovely it is to lounge around in the nude!   To play music at the volume I like!  To be UN-interrupted!   All this makes even the menial household tasks seem liberating and worthwhile.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Muc Say Knee says:

    Yes, save our energy. Great blog post

  2. Lana says:

    So true! Enjoy those blissful moments of quiet and solitude…. And know you’ll be free of the ol’ buzzard soon! 🙂

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