Save Your Energy

I learned a lot about Eastern medicine while I was in massage therapy school.  Mostly, I discovered and experienced the “energy” which exists within and surrounds the human body. 

Kirlian photography

Each day, we undoubtedly interact and exchange our energy with others.  Have you ever met someone with whom you felt that “wow” experience just while looking into their eyes?  It doesnt happen often, but this all has to do with energy.  Or have you met someone who makes you feel uneasy within the very first few seconds of interaction, even though you can’t put your finger on an exact reason?  

With every exchange of energy, Person A will walk away afterwards either feeling better or worse, depending on how Person B used their energy.  This is how we can know, or use our “gut.”  The actual conversation is irrelevant to this exchange; even a pleasant exchange of words can leaving one feeling blah afterwards. 

If Person A feels drained after an interaction, this could be an indication that Person B has taken more energy than he/she has given back. 

Real-life energy vampires exist.  And they are all around us.  Some don’t care they are stealing energy; others aren’t aware of it. 

If we are aware of energy exchange, we can monitor our own ways and be aware of how much we give away.  

Don’t give it away if you aren’t getting it back.

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  1. harvey says:

    Whatever happened to unconditionnal energy giving? I kid. I’m getting your vibes loud and clear. 🙂

  2. I think awareness can help us avoid that drained feeling. I often run into people who don’t listen; there’s no real communication-it’s just me, me, me. If I persisted in the conversation and allowed them to ramble on, I’d soon feel as if all the blood were being drained out of me. By being aware that this sort of dynamic is occurring, I can politely disengage before I feel any toxic effects.

  3. Talk about energy around people. Don’t you think that websites/blogs also reflect their owner’s energy? I certainly do and I also feel that personal energy around people’s spaces – their homes, websites, cars etc. Everywhere and everything really.

    Your blog is a lovely space to be in for me. It does have a warm, glowing sort of energy around it.

  4. harvey says:

    On the topic of energies, again, may i suggest you look into orgonite. I’ll just say it acts in mysterious ways.

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