12 o’clock midnight or somewhere around there 

I’ve got a lot on my mind so I don’t sleep 

Lost somewhere between TIME and reality, I hate being in this place: so uncomfortable.   In two more days, I will live somewhere new.   Change is always a bit overwhelming for me.  

Spending these last hours alone in this el cheapo rented townhouse, I adapt by turning off all the clocks.  The only working clock is the one on my cell phone.  It is too bad we cannot escape time.   I’ve tried.  Haven’t we all?  

 It reminds me of celebrating my 30th birthday by going to Vegas, the prime commercial place in the US to go to if one is interested in losing track of the time or day.   June 22nd came anyway, and I was alive and massively hungover, but it was great. 

Back to reality. 

Here, I lay in the empty living room, because my roommate owned all the furniture, and he moved out first.  Luckily, the massage table is quite versatile.  Plus, my massage table is a place of healing so laying out on it must be some kind of good energy?   Which, can’t be a bad thing considering all the skeezy vibes I’ve always encountered living here.  The landlord is probably the culprit since he used to live here years ago before he rented it out.   

 Last week, while painting the kitchen back to it’s original color (or landlord  will nickel and dime my security deposit) , the cabinet overhead of the sink fell on me because el cheapo NAIL GUNNED IT IN.   Considering I was already balancing on the sink ledge to paint above the incredibly-INexpensively installed cabinet , this did not end gracefully.  Sidenote:  Cabinet was filled with canned goods.   

I am lucky I walked away with no broken bones after that mishap. 

Friday evening, I will have to see this “landlord” while he conducts the official “walk-thru.”  He is the cheapest person I’ve ever known.  The dishwasher sucks, the washing machine has a total of 4 choice settings, and I’ve seen bigger alley ways than the kitchen.   And he is also the laziest, since in the lease he snuck in a well-worded disclaimer that these amenities were here for the tenants  convenience and blah blah blah.  Long story short,  he claims no responsibility in regards to the maintenance or repair of these convenient! amenities.  Here’s the moral of the story: if you see a document (such as a lease) which is unnecessarily worded in “lawyer speak,” consider it a red flag.  Or should I say, “unneccessary lawyer speak, hereby referred to as red flag.” 

For now, I’ll go back to shampooing the carpet upstairs.  Fun fun. 

The way it was
my tulips

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Latifa says:

    How boring is to wait… Especially when you know exactly leaving date. Just two days and that’s all. So long, but so short. Many things to do, but you can’t wait for leaving this place. You have to do everything alone, because roommate is gone, but everything is moving forward! You will go away from this room, maybe never meet landlord again… and you are happy that nothing stops forever, everything is changing, everything is moving, and these “waves” make our life interesting!
    just my midnight thoughts. good night and good luck in washing carpet!

    1. MB says:

      I love your midnight thoughts and smile everytime I reread your comment from six years ago. Hope you are well, Latifa.

  2. harvey says:

    Good luck with the move!

    1. MB says:

      Thanks Harvey

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