Fun in Math Class

Whoever said “There’s no such thing as a dumb question” has never sat in my prealgebra class.

First of all, I am horrible at math. When I was forced by the gods of college academics to take this course, I thought for certain I’d be the dumbest person in the class. I was wrong.

After almost every statement my teacher makes, I can count on a lady in the back of the class, we’ll call her “Glenda,” asking (in a high pitched voice), an exremely trivial, stupid question.

After some of the gems I’ve heard, I have begun feeling like a friggin brain surgeon.

ON COMPOUND TRIANGLES: (note: these are triangles where we are asked to find the perimeter/area. There are already ‘squares’ drawn inside the triangles for easy counting.)

Q: “Do I need my ruler for THIS one?” (for the third time)
Instructor: “Count the squares. Just count the squares.”

“Is this going to be on the test?”
“What if my next teacher likes it done another way?”


Instructor: Any questions on Unit 1B?
Glenda: How do you figure out number 5? I mean, how am I supposed to write it?
Instructor: Ok, number 5: If Joe is 17 years older than Jim, and Jim is 5, how old is Joe?

Instructor demonstrates, once again, how the answer is found and written.
Instructor: “Everyone got it?”

Silence. In the distance, I can vaguely hear crickets chirping.

The class IQ has decreased. Besides my brain cells, there is a sum of 5 brain cells left floating in the classroom, and they are chasing each other.

Everyone wonders how I have managed to do so well in class, after all of my complaining how bad I suck in math. The truth is, I cannot imagine ever being stuck in a class like this again. I made 100% on my first test.

Thanks Glenda.

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