The tide goes in, the tide goes out

Family dinner.  My father was in ‘story telling’ mode.

Somehow the subject of his adolescence in Rhode Island came up. My mom was talking about how corrupt RI is, how my uncles up there get their license plates made up from their buddies in prison, then get them registered at the DMV.

My dad kicks in “Well, Mary, I told you I went to school with Al Capone’s son.” He then started saying that most of the kids he went to school with were itallian. “Mafia ties,” My dad explains.

“They started early in Rhode Island. Kids were making bets and gambling in 7th grade. 1954…I was in 5th grade and bought a hot fruitcake for .50.”

Somehow, he cant remember to clean the table off when asked, but he remembers how much a ‘hot fruit cake’ was in 1954.

Anyways, my mom asked him about the contaminated clams that were being used for soup, caught in the Narraganset Bay in RI. My dad lived right on Naragansset Bay, no more than 15 yards from his front door. My dad starts to talk, “Well, the waters to the right of the lighthouse weren’t considered contaminated, but we were clam digging to the left. One day I got arrested because they caught us. The cop dropped me off at my mother’s house and they said next time it would be a felony.”

Hahha, could you imagine that? “What you in for?” “Clam digging in contaminated water.”

My mother said “How could you do that?” (my dad was probably in his early teens at this time) and he goes “Hey, the tide goes in, the tide goes out.”

We all stare blankly.

I dont know how that answers the question, but it was pretty funny.

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