A Poison to a Poison


Seize the day!  More of my  poetry….

The day

Busy, so busy
A million things to do
Not a second to breathe
still time to think of you
Time flies by
Time lives and dies
Changing me and you
the world behind our searching eyes
Look over here another moment
Sleepless linens draped on open doors
You stand 
Inside my restless mind
A soft room
Waiting behind this ticking time
It all stops, for a moment
My love dont you look fine


i wish to see the light
thru vanity that brings the night
i’m a student at heart
a sharpened edge of broken art
i play to win
there is no easy route
around myself
to the place i dream about

Nim Vind

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  1. ruhee

    this poem is dark!
    i think the writer desperately needs a shrink!
    but its also beautiful
    so i kinda like it

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