Flashes in Time


Why must you do it THIS WAY,

Transparencies carbon copy every

Frozen moment

You’ve executed unapologetically

The blinding flashes were so


In the beginning



You were mine

For if one day, I’d arrange

All our pictures

In a timeline

Captured in plastic

A photo album for our coffee table

When I said forever

I’d be true

What I really meant was

Until you didn’t have my back.

My pride is like

Muhammed Ali

Thin lines

Thin lines

For wasted time

You & Me . A drive thru DC

2 Comments Add yours

  1. ali says:

    Muhammad ali was the best
    and thats my name too heheheheh


  2. Travis says:

    I’d have to disagree with you Ali, because Muhammad Ali himself made it known that Sugar Ray Robinson was the greatest boxer of all time, despite Ali often referencing himself as “the greatest.” I’m a huge boxing fan and there’s not another fighter who comes close to the original Sugar Ray’s package and legacy. Undoubtedly the prototype boxer.

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