It’s been a fcked up week so far.  My boss pissed me off, my love life pisses me off.  Totally unrelated,
but having something decent in either category would be great.
I’m almost 31, time ticks ever so slightly louder
Like one of those annoying cat clocks at 2am.
                  ANGRY !!!!!!
Over every day lost.
Lost to something of the bullshit variety. 
If people had to pay back wasted time, there’d be a lot less A-HOLES walkin around.
Oh the irony of time used improperly!
Stuck for another 9 hours….
                                     2 years…..
                                     2 decades
And then:  Dead.
My boss reminded us that “performance plans” are coming up.  Thanks alot.

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  1. It’s not that bad. I have many problems. But the more that I meditate, the more that I laugh. This life is just, Maya- an illusion. It’s an illusion of Brahman, the unchanging, the infinite. Both of those terms are of course just words that are arbitrary to describe this experience which is truly indescribable.

    The bottom line is… I don’t give a fuck anymore. That doesn’t mean that I’m going to be a bum and slack off, it just means that I know that on the other side of this, I am a timeless being who is not separate from any other soul. I can’t even bring myself to hate on someone or trip over little things anymore, because it’s all so trivial.

    I have my health, I have my understanding, and from right here, I can manifest complete happiness. That’s all that matters.

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