Wish YOU were HERE


“You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.”    –Pride & Predjudice

I only read the Cliff Notes of Pride & Predjudice in 9th grade, but I know a good line when I see one.  It’s almost 11pm on a Friday night; I’m avoiding Facebook and Myspace is a ghost town.  How quickly the great and powerful  fall into yesterday’s flavor of the month bin.

Whenever I start to feel ‘trapped,’ which happens quite often, I ask myself things I do not question during sane hours.  I berate myself for not giving a shit about searching for a man to date/marry/reproduce with.   My ‘chill’ personality responds with “it’s not a top priority right now, independence is” and then my self-destructive/’realistic’  personality and chill personality face off. 

Self-destrucive/realistic:  “Well it’s fine if dating is not a priority, but getting wrapped up with the Mr. Obviously Wrongs is not a damn bit healthier.”  

Chill/M-Bizzle:  “Fair enough.   No more wasting time on those emotionally unavailable poor excuses for substitutes.” 

Self-destructive/Realistic:  “Seriously?”

Chill/M-Bizzle :  “For real.  Look, I’m opening my review book right now.  Time to study, one of my top priorities.”

Self-destructive/Realistic :  “Hmmph.”

Chill/M-Bizzle :  “But first I’m taking a bath to luxuriate in being a fullfilled single woman/future business owner. “

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  1. E. Jones says:

    well, at least your personalities don’t curse as much as mine. nice blog by the way. as soon as I am done with this comment I am going to subscribe.

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