PS. I love you

This hour I tell things in confidence,
I might not tell everybody, but I will tell you.

–“Song of Myself,” Walt Whitman


I wish we could have a million more nights to spend waiting for the sun to come up.    Please stay, don’t go away and leave me without you in this world.  I love you, I love your life.    It’s been 11 amazing years of friendship, you saw me grow from a bar rat poet who let guys walk all over me  to a woman who makes my dreams come true.  Remember our trip to Illinois?  It was the strangest 9 days of seeing the little town you grew up in.  And now at 41, you lay in hospice.  My dear friend, I can’t believe life right now.  Soon you will be gone and I just hope you greet me at heaven’s gate whenwe are reunited.  I can’t believe this or that soon I will not see you for a while.  

Son ofa bitch

You are the one who told me to keep writing.

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