I just downloaded Eminem’s new lp, “Recovery,” off Itunes.  As in, I bought the whole album all at once.  It’s a rare occurence.  Most usually, I pick and choose one or 2 songs from each artist.  Remember when you had to buy the entire cd at once?  For instance:  BON JOVI  /  NEW JERSEY.


Only like “I’ll be there for you” and “Lay Your Hands On Me?”  Too bad.  That is what a fast-forward button is there for.   There was no such thing as a custom made personal playlist 24/7.   And you know what—accidently sitting thru those songs I didn’t care for built character.  It taught me about patience and forced me to listen to a wider range of music.

So, I declare tonight “Retro Saturday Night,” may you all allow yourselves to relive the joy of buying an entire album.  Bonus points for brand new releases.   I am quite excited to hear Eminem’s latest work; it has been sort of lame without Marshall Mathers / Slim Shady around. 

The oddest thing– last year my father suffered cardiac arrest, was on his deathbed for 2 months, hung on….came out of the coma.  While catching up with everyone about  what has been going on the last 2-3 months, he asked “So what happened to Eminem?  Is he dead or did he marry his mother or what?”

Now, that was funny.

My dad pays attention to Eminem?   Color me surprised.

So I bought the whole cd; and it feels good.   I have the house to myself this weekend, and the volume is up pretty loud.     I’m 3 songs in, and  THIS IS GOOD!!!   The Eminem I fell in love with in 2000 is back.  And I feel 20 again, a little bit fly , with some rebellious angst thrown in.   That’s what Slim Shady does best.  Even though we’re all grown up….. Slim’s lyrics have evolved beautifully.  ” Talking to Myself” —my fave so far. 

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