Bigger Than You Thought


(“thats what she said”)

Temperatures have reached a humid, sticky high in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.   Unless you’re interested in sweating out for a detox of some sort, the heat is unbearable, and not sexy at all.  It’s tough to feel cute with droplets of sweat forming on my upper lip and forehead.  I’ve noticed I sweat more then the average person, just like my father.  Yikes.  “I’m sweating like a pig out here!”  as he would describe it.

I was sitting outside earlier, drinking iced cappucino #4, when I remembered my days vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. 

It was fabulous.

I was fabulous.

I loved Cabo so much, I went ever summer for 3 years in a row.   My then-boyfriend (now-stranger) had a timeshare he used for resorts all over the world, and I was given the  opportunity to be the “decision-maker” over where we went.  So I kept choosing Cabo.  Then we broke up, and I havent been back since.

The guys who ran the booze cruise always remembered me and that was nice.  Secretly, I had a massive crush on Ruben.  He was a mexican guy with long curly hair and eyes as blue as the Sea of Cortez.  His beer bongs and body shots were monumental in my eyes.  A man that knows how to get the party started & continuing is an admirable quality.   I wish he was here right now, encouraging me to live free and enebriated, for just one night.

Ah, memories.

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  1. I’m in the DC metro area. It was ridiculously hot! I’m hoping it stays cool for the 4th!

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